Interior Window Shutters Blind the Competition

When window dressing, the three top priorities of the homeowner are beauty, practicality, and privacy. Curtains certainly add beauty to any window and to the whole room, adding privacy when closed. However, closed curtains limit light, detracting from their overall practicality. To practically let in light while maintaining privacy, most homeowners add blinds to their window treatments. However, blinds can be a nuisance to use and aren’t always durable. Instead, try interior window shutters.

Blinds can be difficult to use if you don’t have just the right touch. If you wish to temporarily forgo privacy and flood the room with light, pulling the cord on the blinds to completely raise them is fairly simple, although lowering the blinds back down can be another matter entirely. With interior window shutters, if you want full natural light, all you have to do is pull the shutters open, and simply push them closed when you’re finished. Adjusting the amount of light let in through operable louvered shutters using a tilt rod is similar to using the tilt wand on a set of blinds, though the usual hardwood construction of interior window shutters provides for longer lasting ease of use as compared to vinyl blinds.

Hardwood interior  shutter blind shutters, especially if stained or painted, are not only more durable but easier to clean than standard vinyl blinds. Standard vinyl blinds attract a fine yet stubborn layer of dust that is difficult to wipe away without applying a firm pressure that could potentially damage the thin vinyl. While blinds of more durable vinyl or wood are available, interior window shutters are still easier to use and thus the overall superior choice.

The beauty and versatility of interior window shutters only further confirm their ability to compete with blinds. They can be installed in any room where you might use blinds, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. There are many available styles of interior window shutters to add a touch of class and charm to any interior design.

It’s hard to go wrong with interior window shutters. They are just as attractive and versatile as blinds, but with greater ease of use. They are very often more durable and longer lasting than blinds. Many homeowners who purchase blinds opt for the cheapest vinyl blinds, but vinyl isn’t an option for interior window shutters, which are usually constructed of hardwood. Hardwood interior shutters initially will be a bigger investment than vinyl blinds, but are well worth it.